08 April, 2011

Oh HELL no.

From: A Certain Website
Subject: Your Order Has Shipped
Date: April 8, 2011 11:56:38 AM PDT

A Certain Website has sent you a shipment via UPS

The tracking number is: [redacted]

You have GOT to be kidding me!

ETA: But wait, there's more. Presented mostly without comment:

From: Tika Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Your Order Has Shipped
This is absolutely unacceptable behavior on the part of your company.  I sent two emails on March 28 to cancel my order as the terms of the sale were unfulfilled and received a "gift certificate" instead of any type of answer. I will be issuing a chargeback on my Visa card immediately and will never order from you again; I will also actively dissuade anyone I know from purchasing from you. 

Hi Tika and thanks for your email.  We apologize that we did not receive your emails dated March 28th, as we would have gladly cancelled the remainder of your order.  If you would be so kind as to refuse the shipment that we just sent out to you when it is delivered, we will gladly credit your account for the amount that was charged.  Again, we apologize for the Malabrigo situation as well as for not receiving your cancellation email, and would love the opportunity to make things right.  If there’s anything we can do, please let us know. 
A Certain Website

From: Tika 
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 4:45 PM

Subject: Re: Your Order Has Shipped

If I am at home when UPS arrives I will certainly refuse shipment. Otherwise I will be contacting you for a return shipping label. 
I must say that I find it difficult to believe in the coincidence that I sent my cancellation email on 3/28 at 3:13pm and received your "gift certificate" at 3:35pm, but that no one received either the cancellation or the email I sent responding to the certificate itself. Considering the customer service I have experienced with your company, I will not be ordering again and will be actively dissuading people from visiting your site. The most useful thing you could do at this point would be to remove me from any mailing list you have and delete my customer information from your database.
 Unfortunately it was the gift certificate that we did send out that caused the problems we had with our email server, not just on the 28th but for days afterwards.  I actually have emails I could forward to you showing you that my IT guy was working on the problem for days.  Regardless, we understand your frustration and will be happy to issue a call tag for your shipment if you happen not to be home when it arrives. 
Regarding removing you from any mailing lists, we are unable to do that from our end.  You can easily unsubscribe however simply by clicking the link at the bottom of any future emails you might receive. 
Again, we sincerely apologize for your frustration.

Just wanted to forward to you an email that my IT guy sent to the person who was causing the problem with our email server.  Thought it might help explain the reason we didn’t receive your emails on the 28th.

Thank you for the explanation; I appreciate it. 
In future, after such problems are fixed, allow me to suggest that a blanket email to everyone on your list asking them to send any correspondence a second time would alleviate the problem we are now facing.

 am honestly baffled by the finger-pointing that this business thinks is acceptable. It's our supplier's fault that we didn't send your yarn! You all ordered too much yarn so it took too long and now we're losing business! It's the Internet's fault that we didn't get your cancellation email! And yet, not a single "holy crap, update!" email to be seen.

It's not as if communicating with customers costs extra these days. Email should come free with your ISP, and if it doesn't, you need a new ISP.

TL,DR version: Don't buy anything from these people, ever, no matter what the wool-shaped Mmmmmalabrigo demon on your shoulder tells you. 


  1. Completely unacceptable! I hope this is resolved quickly so you can just be DONE with them!

  2. "Your gift certificate broke our email."


    Really, people.