14 April, 2011

Seeekrit Reveal!

My favorite part of making Seekrit Stuffs is the waiting for them to arrive.

I sent it on Monday!

In the mean time, this is my friend Dinah's blog. I met her through my equally cool (if much farther away) friend Kate, who is now in Prague. I am jealous. And this is her (Dinah's) also cool husband Mac's blog. Together, they are the kind of people I would like to be if I weren't, y'know, ME.

They have a pair of dogs named Miss Moneypenny and Captain Awesome, turned their back porch into a Tiki bar, listen to amazing music, have forgotten more about pop culture than you or I will ever know, and host an annual Oscars party that makes the actual Oscars look boooring.

If you look through Mac's previous posts, it becomes obvious that they not only made a baby, but that said baby might be the World-Dominating Overlord that only two such cool people could create. Therefore I felt it to be my knitterly duty to provide said Overlord with the proper accoutrements for the required lessons in Fort Creation, Cape Wearing (incl. Swooshing/Over-the-Shoulder Tossing), and Parent Snuggling:

Spider-man Blanket
1738 yds.
Yesterday, the Future arrived, and so did the welcome package - although both Dinah and Mac were a bit busy at the hospital to be home to receive it. Congratulations, you guys! There's love and good wishes in every stitch.

And all you knitters out there can thank me when he's old enough to take over.


  1. Beautiful work, Tikabelle!

  2. Hay that looks familiar! Liam loves his, sleeps under it every day and night--something you'll get to see in a few days!!!