15 July, 2008

Social Pressure

Clearly, my 12-Mile Quest has been good for my finishing but not so good for my yarn acquisition habits. Jasmin and I have decided that the most healthy way to break the yarn-buying habit is through mutual agreement and - you guessed it - social pressure. So, here are the rules. If you'd like to join in, find yourself a local partner who would likely be at the yarn store when you are, or at the very least online over IM to remind you to close the damn Etsy window, and off you go! 

The Rules of Social Pressure

As of midnight, July 14th, no new fiber, no new yarn until Stitches West.

An even trade (50g for 50g) is ok. So is buying that last ball of yarn so you can finish a project. Project scope issues shouldn’t be penalized.

Anything ordered in advance doesn’t count.

No gift yarn or roving can be accepted UNLESS it's for a birthday or anniversary or legit holiday. (My birthday is November 23rd, Tika’s is December 6th.)

Tools, patterns, and books are not considered stash, and thus, will not be included in The Agreement.

The Monterey Wool auction is being grandfathered in, as it was planned months ago.

Accepting donations of yarn to make charity items is acceptable. Charity knitting must be finished within an 8-week window of receipt of the yarn.

If you buy something new, you have to get rid of equivalent weight/yardage out of the stash.

For FO’s, a bottle of wine will be given (under $20) to the finisher by their partner.


  1. Well....I wish you well. I don't think I could do it (though I should!). What about yarn to celebrate a new job?
    (Tika..your birthday is the day before UkeHusbands!...and a few (many) years later)

  2. I'm going to think about this one... it would be a great idea (but I don't have a real 'event' to aim for...)