24 July, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I had an interview with A Lovely Family. I adored them at first sight; they are uniformly bright, fun, and seem refreshingly sane. Apparently they feel the same way about me, so they offered me a job. This position will differ significantly from my current work at The Sanitarium:

The hours end at 6:30pm or when a parent comes home, whichever comes first. 
My job is not to raise someone else's children, but to be home when the kids (there are two) get off the bus, to make sure they eat, do homework and get to their activities. 
The parents are lovely, and the mom knits (yay!).

And perhaps most tellingly for a family whom I don't know very well yet, they kept their last nanny for 10 years - in contrast to the 9 month record at my current job. 

Today I'm giving The Crazy Family my 3-week notice. Think good thoughts for me -  despite my glee at finding a new family to work with, my heart tugs at the thought of Bella, who has been consistently abandoned by everyone around her. Poor darling, it's not her fault, and yet she is the one who will suffer.

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  1. Congrats on the new job.

    I'm feel bad for kids like Bella. YES, you are an awesome peep and probably love the kid as if she was related but she needs her mom as you state.