13 June, 2008


What will you be doing at WWKIP day?

I will be knitting at a garden wedding. 

The wedding of my ex-boyfriend to my very good friend, at which another ex-boyfriend is the best man and the girl sitting next to me at dinner will be my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend-before-me. I will be wearing a white dress that belongs to the bride, who loaned me the dress because a) she is wearing cherry red, and b) we thought it would upset the ex's Aunt Michelle, who all three of us girls agree is a witch.

This shawl might just end up wine-stained at the end of the day. It's called Black Magic.


  1. Wow. How twisted is that? I think you just became my new hero! :)

    Have fun! The minions will miss you.

  2. Ooooh, when's the next episode of 'As the Spindle Turns?'

  3. Have fun!!

    (That might just be more crazy than me lending the bride her wedding dress last year... the day before the wedding... because the cleaners shrunk her other one... and the rush order her brother in Atlanta brought up made her look like a tent-a tent with squished boobs...)