10 June, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals!

I need to finish:

1) Elizabeth's Wedding Shawl Finished 6/13
2) Stutter Socks
3) Wussy Wolverine Socks Finished 6/11
4) Tangled Yoke Cardi Ripped
5) Forest Canopy Shawl

1) Easter Egg Roving
2) Tobacco Road roving

And a combination goal:
1) Spin Zoe and Rex into yarn for the Tour de Fleece
2) use resulting yarn to knit the Faroese shawl from the cover of AGOL for the 2008 Knitting Olympics (begin 8/8/08).

I also have a miscellaneous fiber-related goal: to collect and organize everything into one place in the house. Probably the TV room closet, but we'll see. Everything on my list except the combination goal is a WIP already, so really this summer is about finishing things - but since I have a phobia of finishing stuff in life (see under college, completion of), we're just going to call it "freeing up needles." It should also help me get a fair way along in my 12-Mile Quest.

This goal list is brought to you by Skeins Her Way. I'm such a joiner.


  1. you'd only be a joiner if you were doing the knitting olympics.

    like me.


  2. Dude, I am so not goal oriented. But I think I might be organizing a team for said Joiner Knitting Olympics.

  3. Great goals!

    (I should make my own list... )

    I'm saving myself for the winter games :D