14 June, 2008

Our Story Thus Far...

My knitting mojo has been MIA for awhile, but no longer! Last week sometime it dragged itself in the door, looking bedraggled and a little worse-for-wear. I lovingly cleaned it up, dressed its wounds and put it back where it belongs: next to my bedside underneath the lamp my mom made and the stack of books I've been meaning to review but haven't (yet?).

A few days ago, I posted some Summer Knitting Goals a la Skeins Her Way. I dragged out all of the WIP's in my list and photographed them all - mostly for my own benefit, but also 'cause I like to take pictures and see progress. In order of the list, here they are:

Juno Regina Wedding Shawl for Elizabeth

Stutter Knee Socks for Me

Wussy Wolverine Socks for ManCandy

Tangled Yoke Cardi for Me

Handspun Black Magic Forest Shawl for Me (or Mom?)

Easter Egg lace for Jasmin 2008

Tobacco Road for socks

So that's not so bad, right? Over the last 3 days, I've managed to whittle away at the list. First, the easiest finish was the Wussy Wolverine Socks:

But lord almighty, they're ugly. So ugly that even ManCandy was a little put off - as I expected. The next day I dropped them in a dye pot with some black acid dye, and they turned out like this:
Wussy No More socks, 311 yds.

Muuuch better! They're definitely black, but there's still some variation from the original blue and yellow. Plus I've discovered a much simpler way to make black socks than knitting with already-black yarn. My eyesight thanks me.

And then yesterday I finished this little baby:

She's blocking in ManCandy's room under a fan. She might even be dry in time to leave for the wedding today, but since Elizabeth is wearing cherry red, the shawl won't be used till the reception party tomorrow anyway. Pick your jaw up off the floor, people. Being on time is the new 15 minutes late.

I haven't weighed the shawl because the beads would throw everything off, but I'm estimating the yardage at about 950, based on how much yarn there is left.

I'm trying to decide what I want to take to the wedding for WWKIP day, but I haven't nailed it down yet. Everything I have going seems either too bright or too big. To the yarn closet by way of the Ravelry queue!!


  1. Love the 'new black' socks. I was having an idea just like that the other day, after trying to dye something at least a little bit interesting for socks for Will.

    Love the shawl, and it's good to see your knitting mojo back. :) Lovely spinning, too!

  2. Amazing how a dye pot fixes the ugliest of yarns... :D

    Great shawl and fantastic spinning.

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