14 March, 2007

Visual Puns and Socks

My stomach has been roiling since I got to work at the Ass-Crack of Pre-Dawn, and I'm tired of it. Usually my cure-all for tummyaches is to take a nap, but I have shit to DO, people! And it's 6pm, so if I took a nap now I'd completely screw my sleeping schedule. Damn you, internet for encouraging me in my procrastination!

My good friend Sarah and I hooked up today to sit in the sun with huge sunglasses and dish about men. It was great fun, and I learned several things:

1. Naval officers and former bartenders are not a good mix, marriage-wise.
2. The best way to derail a conversation with a soon-to-be/already/formerly married person is to bring up wedding plans.
3. I don't brown as quickly as some of my more olive counterparts, for which I am grateful.

But alas, while dishing gossip with Sarah is one of my favorite things (missed you girl, glad you're back around!), I must still head to the homework with a heavy heart. Two chapters of History of Islamic Art to cover tonight. So overall, I'd say the day is a wash so far, what with my Islamic class being canceled, tea with Sarah, getting ready to make the first sock part of my sock, versus the tummyache and the studying for a midterm and the self-imposed "no video games till spring break" policy. Why are self-imposed restrictions so much easier to blow off? I'm determined to keep this one.

My First Sock is coming along well and I start the heel today. Pre-heel, it looks much like the tubes my esteemed state senator thinks make up the internet:

Here is how I'm feeling today.

Get it?