12 March, 2007

Road Trip! (picture heavy)

Several weeks ago, Nadia and I sat down with a calendar and decided that we needed to go visit the Mother Ship.

On the 25th of February, I called the Mother Ship and confessed that I am a daughter of the worst order - her birthday was the 22nd and I was three days late wishing her happy returns of the day. She replied that yes, I am a daughter of the worst order and all her training has clearly gone to waste and by the way, she bought snap-together wood flooring for the great room and since I was a Daughter of the Worst Order, my birthday present to her would be to help her rip up the carpet in the great room and lay down said floor. On my nice, sleepy, wandering-the-Gold-Rush-Town weekend with my citified best friend. Suffice to say I was less-than-pleased, but since I was also contrite, it couldn't be helped.

On Friday, Nadia, myself and all my laundry (free wash/dry at the Mother Ship!) packed into her Mini Cooper and headed to the mountains. Once we got there, we discovered that it was not going to be the weekend for tearing up the floor, and settled in for a weekend of relaxation instead. Ahhh, reprieve! My brother and Nadia went disc golfing on Saturday while Parental Unit 1 and I slipped out to the LYS - a favorite store of mine and one owned by a former coworker of Unit 1's. And there, I accomplished two fabulous things: I started my first pair of socks and I began teaching Unit 1 to knit. Yes, she crumbled like a crumb cake when I started shamelessly shoving chenille and lace into her hands, and as she settled at the unbiquitous craft store table, needles and fresh ball of yarn in her hands, I did a victory lap of the store a la Rocky in case anyone in the county missed my triumph. Then I sat down and taught Unit 1 to knit. I also stashed a bit - triumph in dragging a recalcitrant knitter back into the fold deserves some sort of celebration! - by picking up 750 yards of some lovely worsted something-or-other and adorable, non-splitty yarn so I can start back up on Jenny's baby hat/booties.

Here is My First Sock Yarn, a Meilenweit Safari that Unit 1 picked out (remember the shamelessly enabling part of our mother/daughter relationship? So does my bank account):

And My First Sock!:
Isn't it great, folks? The color in the second photos is much closer - it's more brownish than red. And I am tickled pink, let me tell you.

After that, we spent the rest of the weekend messing about, taking pictures of chickens and flowers:

Unit 1 is a consummate gardener and the light was perfect this weekend, which combined to make me a camera nerd. Plus, the chickens are so fun I just can't help but take pictures of them.

Napoleon is our aptly-named King Rooster:

Unit 1 also has a thing for ridiculous chickens:

I apparently have a thing for cherry-blossom pink and peacock blue:

But Waffles is content to simply supervise the new knitters while I'm outside playing with the camera toy:

Here is the look I got when I returned home with another cat's hair on my collar:

I am properly ashamed of myself. For penance I shall go knit on my new sock. Eeeee!