15 March, 2007

The Heeling

I'm so punny. Moving on.

Today is gorgeous and sunny and lovely in the South Bay. This is the view off our apartment's back porch - I love trees in bloom. (The netting keeps the kittens from getting off the deck and works until Darcy uses his alien skills to find a hole, the little creep.) I discovered a set of knitters via Sock Pr0n (who has become one of my knitting heroes, BTW), went to the Pre-Midterm Lecture in my Roman Art class only to discover that the midterm has been bumped one more day - hurrah for reprieve! - and actually did study for my Islamic Art midterm a bit. All those beautiful but hard-to-pronounce words are swimming through my head, along with images of octagonal tombs and brick-and-tile work. Islamic art is so different from western art, it sometimes boggles my mind. I've been searching for the perfect piece for my term project - something not difficult to embroider but still lovely, and I've become enamoured of the arabesque designs and beautiful textiles that have been passed down through the centuries. The wheels are turning, if ever-so-slowly.

In other news, I've been listening to Craft Lit and playing with My First Sock instead of studying, but at least I'm not playing World of Warcraft. Not that it's bad - it's quite entertaining and has filled most of my free time for 2+ years now - but I decided last week that I wouldn't play video games until after midterms, which end a week from today. I'm curious to see how much I can accomplish. Anyway, last night I turned my first heel! Jer came home in the middle and took great delight in my Milton-like muttering to myself: "purl ten, purl two together, he said I could play music at a reasonable volume, slip and turn, I'll burn this place to the ground, knit eleven..." I sounded like a maniac I'm sure, but at the end of the night, there it was - a respectably turned heel.

Darcy was proud and cheered me on from his favorite spot on the couch. I think I see some of his alien workings back there, but I can't be sure without further proof.