19 March, 2007

Deconstructionism is an art term...

...practiced by knitters everywhere. But first!

I rocked my Islamic Art midterm. The professor was sick with a horrible flu last week and as a result didn't feel like creating a huge test, so there were only 10 (of an original 50+) images to define. Thanks to my super-stressful cramming techniques, I knew all 10 pretty much spot-on. Go me. She also gave me the go-ahead on reproducing a piece of embroidery from Marianne Ellis' Ottoman Embroidery, so all that's left for my term project is to choose, design and make the thing. I'm going to make an effort not to bite off more than I can chew, as per my usual modus operandi.

In a fit of celebratory... celebration, I stopped at Goodwill and bought some Ridiculously Ugly Sweaters. RUS buying is tricky, because the yarn cannot be heinous - only the construction of the sweater. All in all, I came out with four selections: an ivory angora blend, a white-and-gold cotton/acrylic, a forest green 100% lambswool and a cranberry red cotton. We'll see how they deconstruct; I think the sparkly yarn will go into the stash for sock embellishment and the rest will go onto eBay for some pin money if I can get Darcy to relinquish them.

Speaking of socks, mine is a sad, pathetic, bagging-at-the-ankle monstrosity that might possibly drive me mad. I scoured knitty.com today for sock patterns, which led me into a bright, shiny, devlish world of yarns and techniques, each one making my poor saggy sock seem more and more unbearable. So tomorrow I will venture to the LYS to buy a set of 00 DPN's and bid this incarnation of sockdom farewell. Again with the biting-off-of-more-than-we-can-chew theme...

Darcy says:

"I do not look ridiculous. Go about your business, human!"


  1. I followed a link here from eKNITabeth's blog (the comment about the 52-pair plunge) and I have to tell you that your cat is incredibly gorgeous!! I'll be back, just for more cat pictures! :D

  2. Aww, thanks! He's quite full of himself these days what with all the pictures I've been taking of him. :)