08 May, 2012

The One With Actual Knitting Content

So remember when I found my Rosebud Shawl, complete with instructions? I've been working on it pretty steadily and am nearly halfway through the pick-up edging, then it's only the outer edging to go. Here's a picture of a finished shawl done by Maureen in Fargo. See those diamond patterns between the center square and the edge? I'm working my way out from the center and am almost halfway done with the second diamond. It takes about 45 minutes to do 2 rounds, so please send the people in white coats soon.

I finally took pictures of the (very few) knitted things I've completed this year! In a fit of pre-Christmas spirit, I wrapped up yarn for my brothers and stepfather and promised them all socks by June for their Christmas presents. They're mostly done:

Stepfather Socks: Regia Sock Something, ~413 yds

Stepbrother Kai Socks: Regia Sock Something, ~395 yds.

THB's socks are half done and have been dedicated out-of-the-house knitting. I've got a coffee date with Nadia tonight, so maybe I'll get a few rows in on them over gossip.

I also spent an evening and several episodes of Grey's Anatomy binding off the over 400 stitches on my Slant Shawl that I started in November:

ella rae Lace Merino, 883 yds.
This thing is easily 12 feet long; I'm almost tempted to chop it in half and make it wider. Maybe if some perfect ribbon for the cut end shows itself, I'll go ahead and do that. In the mean time, it's going to be one of those shawls that snags on everything!

So. Many. Holes! (TWSS)
In the category of failed experiments, I finally ripped out my hap shawl:

Somewhere around 1500 yards of knitting - gone.
It wasn't working as intended, so I'm going to find an actual pattern and follow it. The horror! I may also over-dye that light blue; there's something about it that is too twee, and I kind of hate it.

And in other news, I've returned to the possibility of tomatoes. Last year I got my plants over Mother's Day, but this year I planted earlier and the contrast is pretty clear: 

May 16, 2011

May 8, 2012
At this rate, I might even get tomatoes before August!