21 December, 2011

Who DOES That?!?

Every once in awhile, I astonish myself with the scope of my... let's not call it delusion, let's call it ambition

Three days ago, or exactly a week until Christmas, I decided to knit my Christmas gifts. I'll pause to let that sink in. 

Now, I'm not quite delusional ambitious enough to think that even I, with my super powers of knitting at an average pace, could finish a hat and 7 pairs of socks - three of them for mens' size 11-13 feet - in a week. On a good day of watching Dr. Who I can crank out one sock for myself! But it's looking like I'm not in any shape to finish the 11-Mile Quest this year. I did work hard and there are several pieces on the needles within a few hours solid work of counting toward the total, but I miscalculated somewhere and I'm really only in the 6-Mile range when I thought I was farther along. Therefore everyone* is getting yarn for Christmas. 


Then I will knit furiously and hope to have everyone's gifts finished by a reasonable date in January. I won't lie to you, holidaylettes, there may be a pair of socks that waits to get Kitchenered together until Jan 1. But you won't tell on me, will you?

There is a wrap-up post coming some time next week (maybe. I've at least been thinking about a wrap-up post) and a solid set of goals for 2012, which includes Reading Many Books and Finishing the Quest as well as perhaps Finding a Job: The Horror! and Applying to Grad School.

*with the exception of Sister of the Art, whose box to OH CANADA is in the mail! Send pictures!! 


  1. Well, you made me a totally fabulous shawl, so I'm pretty sure you can accomplish anything. Also, whenever I see yarn -- which is often, there are LOTS of markets around these parts -- I think of you! But I never buy it, because I have no idea what you'd actually like...

  2. I finished a scarf (just a bind off..does that count?) and did three hats. I still have three more projects left to do.