23 December, 2011


1. I got my family tickets to see It's A Wonderful Life at Ye Old Local Movie Theater. Not one of the 6 of us has ever seen it, so perhaps this will be the beginning of a lovely new Christmas tradition. Equally possible: we will be cynical while my brothers and I sip hot buttered rum out of a flask all night. Either way, fun will be had by all!

2. What is WITH the sudden Lord of the Rings Love Fest going on in Blogland? Does JRR bring out the holiday spirit in readers, or did I miss something (besides The Hobbit trailer, which I admit gave me a warmness in my belly)? Tolkein may have been a visionary, but any good editor worth their salt should have picked up on the ridiculosity of naming your two main villains basically the same name, and then repeating that scheme with two main lady-loves. Plus, I don't care how the leaves crackle underfoot while you walk across the entirety of New Zealand. Twice.

Pull your pitchforks out of storage if you must, but in your heart you know you can't always keep Sauron and Saruman straight.

3. I need more bookshelves. Good thing it's the holiday season! Maybe there's an IKEA gift card in my future...