26 January, 2011

Not Dead Yet!

I started my student teaching last Tuesday, though, and while it is a hoot (hoooooooot!) I am having a strange time adjusting to the fact that although I am getting up a full 4-5 hours earlier than usual, I actually have less time in the day to Get Crap Done. I hear you say, "huh?"

Here's that breakdown.

Previous schedule:
10am - Rise
12 Noon - Shine (shut up, it takes me awhile!)
9pm - Start Getting Shit DONE
2am - Bed.

Current Schedule:
5:55am - Alarm
6:15 - Rise
7:10 - Leave house
7:45 - Teach 1st period juniors
8:49 - Teach 2nd period freshies
9:54 - Prep, begin to glisten a little (depending on caffeine intake)
11:06 - Teach 4th period juniors
12:10 - Sigh with relief
1pm - Head home
8:30pm - Go to bed

Unless there's derby that night, in which case there is skating from 8-11pm and I finally fall into bed - after showering and eating everything in sight - around 12:15am, only to drag my ass out of bed 5 hours later and nap the next afternoon away. Thus with this schedule change have I lost all 5 of my prime Get Shit DONE hours and much of my shine. I imagine I'll get used to it, but as of right now I tend to wander about my little place losing everything that's not in plain sight and wondering whether it's 8:30 yet.

I did finish some knitting as well as half of my January spinning project. Seeing as today is the 25th, I should pull out the wheel, I suppose! There's chicken soup in the crock pot, Bones on Instant Watch, and clothes in the dryer. Maybe I'm getting the hang of this schedule after all.


  1. Where's the "shine" in Schedule #2?!?

  2. Oh, feelin' the 5-something love!

  3. I completely understand. If you get up while it's dark, there is no shine. I had to do it today. There was only a mild sheen around 2:30, but that was buffed away by a meeting.