28 December, 2010

It's a Wash.

And oh, how I wish I meant this kind.

He can captain my spaceship any day, if you catch my drift.

But alas, I do not. At this point, I'm not even going to bother weighing and counting up my yardage for this year because it won't make a difference and I prefer to imagine that my 2-3 pairs of uncounted socks add up to enough yards to magically take me to 11 (miles) and also I have yet to find my stupid kitchen scale.

I feel that I can confess to you, my dear readers, that my knitting mojo deserted me this year. I'm sure I did something to drive it off, but it takes two to ruin a relationship, and I was left with a closet ::cough:andahalf:cough:: full of wool and no mojo to make it sing to me. Like Garfunkel, I have stopped singing on my own; my knitting mojo's name, it appears, is Simon..

Next year I intend to start afresh with both the 12-Mile Quest and my Input/Output Equality Experiment. There's a picture on my camera that shows the closet all tidy and organized and the daunting Tika-high stack of boxes full of yarn that didn't fit in said closet; once I find the proper camera cord, I will reveal them to you, although I warn you beforehand that it's slightly distressing. I have a short and therefore do-able list of things I'd like to... do... before 2010 ends. They are:

1) Dig out all my WIP's and either auf them or place them in prominent locations so I can finish them. This should greatly help my totals for next year.

2) Clean my cherry Schact and make her ready to actually earn her keep this year. Not that she didn't last year, but it wasn't exactly a spinning-friendly household so she's rather dusty. Or a Tika-friendly household, to be honest. I'll stop now.

3) Bag up and prepare 12 months-worth of spinning for Spindlicity's 2011 Stash Down. This requires a Tossing of the Fiber Stash, which can't be a bad thing. it will also require a lot of discretion in choosing monthly projects!

Tomorrow is the 30th of December. I should probably get on this list.

It's been a tough year, gang, and I've just barely held it on the rails. Thanks for sticking with me; next year will begin in a much better place, and I'm more excited about it than I have been about the last several put together. Bring on the '11!

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  1. You had a crazy, mixed up year! Here's to a calmer next year, and the finding of Ms. Mojo.