02 November, 2010

This totally counts!

It's 12:24 am as I start this blog post, and since this is my blog I get to make the Posting Every Day rules and I say it counts. So there. (Are you as amused as I am at how I think you're going to all come bearing down on me at full speed? I think it's the endorphins. I've missed them; let me tell you why!)

So at 11:15 tonight (last night? On Monday) I finished my first on-skates practice for the Sacred City Derby Girls. I am, to put it mildly, chuffed with myself. I didn't fall down when getting my gear checked like at try-outs (1 point), I didn't wuss out on anything (1 point), I accomplished some of the "lowerings" (they're actually falls, especially when you're out of shape) to the coach's Fresh Meat standards (1 point), I didn't quit (1 point) and I didn't die (5 points).

Also there was hot water in the tank when I got home so I didn't have to wait to crawl into the shower. I learned very young that getting in the shower quickly after a hard workout is key because your muscles are still warm and (mostly) will hold you up during the process. But if you settle into the couch for any amount of time, you're doomed. Your muscles get cold, then you start to have to do things like lifting your legs into and out of the shower, which is a precursor to falling in the shower, which any child of the 80's knows is tantamount to DEATH. You could split your head open and bleed out and also freeze when the hot water runs out! That may have just been my parents...

Y'anyways, I did it! And I even started to work on crossovers all by my little self once I was steadier on my skates and not so afraid of falling down - 2 hours of "drop to your knee and get up in 3 seconds" drills will do that to you!

And now I am going to bed with some ibuprofen, a book, and some popcorn. I feel I deserve all three.


  1. You know, I DID actually fall out of the shower once. I was 7 months pregnant with my first, fell clean over the side of the tub and cracked my head on the side of the toilet. Not one of my classier moments :( Roller derby sounds stupidly fun, we have nothing like it in the UK!

  2. How exciting! Keep us posted on your progress...

  3. My daughter skated with the team from Chico (the name escapes me)and I know a couple of gals from Sacred City. Brutal sport in my opinion, so kudos to you on your success the first time out! Check this out..