03 November, 2010

Just Under the Wire

It's 11:30! Woot. I just got back from my second on-skates practice, which was also an evaluation to figure out whether us newbies go in the Fresh Meat or the Fast Track group. I, predictably, am in Fresh Meat. This doesn't disappoint or surprise me at all, since I didn't know how to skate when I went to the Sac City Rollers Boot Camp three weeks ago. Was it really 3 weeks ago that I decided to do this? Damn. It feels like the pre-Derby me was forever ago. That's what happens when you're a diver, folks.

Also, I want you to remember that thing I said on Monday about settling into the couch before showering after a hard workout, and then picture me coming home and writing a blog post instead of jumping into the shower - JUST so I could get it in under the wire. THAT is how dedicated the New Me is, mis petite chiens. Which is totally, in case you didn't pick up on that.

 Let's see, what else? I've been knitting a little but have nothing to show you, as the Sekrit Thing #1-million had to be ripped and re-knitted so it looks exactly the same as before only ever-so-slightly bigger. Swatching is for wusses!

And speaking of wusses, this song had me in tears on the freeway; I almost missed my exit. But it's been running through my head, and I'll probably dream about a "relationship" that's been dead for over 10 years tonight.

Damn those scars run deep, don't they?