09 November, 2010

Day One, Officially

Tonight was my first practice as an official Sacred City Derby Girl, Class: Fresh Meat. It. Was. Awesome.

My butt hurts. My legs hurt. My jaw hurts from clenching it against the mouth guard while I concentrated. My lower back is sore, my abs will be by tomorrow, and it's fan-fucking-tastic.

You know what else is fantastic? All 11 of us girls are totally stoked about being friends. Suddenly for the first time since I moved here, I have out-of-the-house plans for the next six evenings. I hardly know what to do with myself!

I talked to my hopefully-future apartment manager (landlord? I dunno) today, and I'm dropping off my application with him tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I'm fantasizing about the pale blue-grey I want to paint my bedroom, the frame I want to paint onto the wall for Love is a Servant, and which color to use to make the kitchen cabinets into chalkboards. I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. YAY!

    For the achiness, I prescribe an anti-inflammatory, a banana (I know you hate them, but they're good for you), and a Yin Yoga class. You'll thank me later.