07 November, 2010

Breathing Again

Whew, the last few days have been full of D-R-A-M-A. But now the biggest issues are resolved - that is, THB and I sat down and ironed out how I was feeling and how he was feeling, and now we, at least, are cool. Which is all that really matters at this point; family being family and all.

Today I went skating with some fellow Fresh Meat friends! It was fun even though we didn't skate for very long. There was a little kid birthday party at the roller rink, so there were lots of munchkins to dodge, and we quickly decided we were not yet good enough on skates to jump over any who might fall in front of us. Also the other girls were, in true Derby style, hung over, so we sat and chatted most of the time instead.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the manager of the apartment I saw on Friday and hopefully signing a lease. I haven't seen any other places, but this one is nice and I felt both safe and happy inside it. I am very fatalistic when it comes to apartments, apparently.

I do have a story though:

Yesterday I decided to watch a movie and knit after dinner, then go to bed early. I made a steak and got ready to settle down and watch Derby (1971), which had come in from Netflix a day or so earlier. I distinctly remember THB handing it to me along with some other mail, opening the envelope, noting the movie inside, and putting it down somewhere. I was all stoked to watch it, and started looking around. It was nowhere to be found, and I was slightly miffed with myself for not putting it directly on the TV stand like I usually do when I get a Netflix disc. I looked high and low, carrying my steak around with me so Darcy wouldn't drag it onto the floor (it's happened before), and found precisely nothing.

Miffed, I started House instead, then went to bed still wondering where that disc could be.

Now, this would be a not-story except that I went to the mailbox today to check the mail, and what was inside but a Netflix envelope. Since I already had my three discs, I figured it was put into the wrong box and flipped it over to see the name and address. They were mine. My eyebrows went up, I stopped walking toward the car, juggled my skates and knee pads into a comfortable position and opened the envelope. There inside was... Derby (1971). Apparently I have been dreaming about real things lately, and one of those real things was getting my next Netflix disc.

I'm not sure whether that means I'm clairvoyant or just boring. I mean, who dreams about Netflix coming in the mail? Obviously I do.