11 November, 2009

Love Fest

Quick update before I crash gratefully into my own bed with my own cat, who takes up almost as much room as Shannon despite weighing at LEAST 15 pounds less than she does:

Eleven Things I Love:
1. Portland.
2. Shannon loved her scarf enough to wear it the entire time I was in town. Also, it looks awesome on her. I am a color-choosing genius.
3. The Ivy League Vest-worth of Shibui Knits sock yarn I bought at Knit/Purl.
4. Knit/Purl is about a 2-minute walk from Powell's Books.
5. My bed.
6. Friends who are grateful instead of offended if I can't come baby-snuggling because I am developing a cold.
7. Friends who go out of their way to see me, even unto taking my sorry ass to the airport so we can gab on the car ride.
8. Suphedrine. The good kind from behind the pharmacy counter, weighing in at 120mg.
9. Breathing.
10. Old friends who just KNOW me.
11. My bed.

Pictures, stories, etc. are coming. Depending on how much procrastinating I do tomorrow, perhaps sooner than later. Did I say that out loud if I just typed it?