03 October, 2009

1001 Days of Recap

Back on January 1 of 2006, I started this project. I worked on it for a few weeks, here and there, and then forgot about it (and the blog) for nearly a year. At the end of 2007, I revisited the project in a misguided whirl of New Years Resolution; I was relatively newly single, ready to begin a new relationship, attending the school I hoped would be my final step to my degree, and generally moving in All New Directions, most of which were Forward. After the last recap nearly 2 years ago, I half-heartedly attempted a few of the things on my list, but most of the ones that were actually completed were done so over the natural course of my long-term goals to graduate from college and get a grown-up job.

On September 28 of this year, my first round of 101 in 1001 ended. My participation has been spotty, and I've definitely achieved fewer goals than I have neglected; however, the Big Stuff actually has happened. I did, in fact, graduate from college (13), and I accomplished it without transcribing mysteriously mess Art History notes (6). I achieved all of my financial goals save one (40-44), got a spinning wheel (89), and finished a sweater for myself (52). I did not, however, go to Italy (80) or the dentist (98) or donate blood 8 times (18). Two of those things are going on the new list.

As I look over my previous 101 in 1001 list, I see some very specific goals that should have probably been more general, or visa-versa: "going to Italy" has become "visit 3 foreign countries," and "see Les Miserables live" has become "see 2 musicals." All of the goals that included organizing my college notes have been thrown out, and new ones added that involve trying new foods and books. I added one that involves me getting my California teaching credential, although that's an extremely new development and I'm not certain it will stay on the list.

But anyway, here it is; the new 101 in 1001 that began the day I started writing this blog entry (Oct. 1). It will end on June 27, 2012.

  1. Walk for 30 minutes 50 times (0/50)
  2. Design and find someone to start new tattoo
  3. Donate blood 8 times (0/8)
  4. Find a new form of exercise that I enjoy and engage in it 2x/week for 6 months (see #13, may extend beyond end of 1001 days)
  5. Lose 15 pounds and maintain that healthier weight
  6. Make a list of 100+ things that make me happy.
  7. Make a new 101 in 1001 list by July 1, 2012
  8. Take a multi-vitamin and vitamin C daily through one bottle of each
  9. Try 5 types/nationalities of food I have never tried before (0/5)
  10. Create an outside play area for the cat
  11. Donate 500 items to charity (0/500)
  12. Get geneology from mom
  13. Get health insurance
  14. Go to a museum once per month (0/30)
  15. Go to the dentist
  16. Leave someone a 100% tip (on a bill of $15 or more)
  17. 3-15-2011
  18. Rip big book of CD’s into iTunes
  19. Try 100 fruits/vegetables (3/100)
  20. Try 100 more fruits/vegetables
  21. Try 100 MORE fruits/vegetables
  22. Try 100 new recipes (5/100)
  23. Try 100 more new recipes
  24. Try 100 MORE new recipes
  25. Try 50 new foods (fruits/vegetables don’t count) (4/50)
  26. Try 50 more new foods (fruits/vegetables don’t count)


  1. Begin thesis outline
  2. Buy Wheelock's Workbook
  3. Compile list of vamp books for thesis
  4. Find 3 new-to-me authors and read everything they've written
  5. Get teaching credential in CA
  6. Learn to use Excel/Numbers efficiently
  7. Read 50 books (0/50)
  8. Read and notate vamp books for thesis
  9. Take a class at a community center
  10. Take a cooking/knife techniques class
  11. Take CBEST
  12. Work through Wheelocks

Friends and Family

  1. Send Christmas cards
  2. Throw a dinner party
  3. Write 5 letters to friends in 2009 (0/5)
  4. Write a card to both grandmothers every month [0/30; 0/30]
  5. Write 12 letters to friends in 2010 (0/12)
  6. Write 12 letters to friends in 2011 (0/12)


  1. Pay off one Alaska student loan
  2. Create a budget that includes savings and fun money and stick to it for 6 months
  3. Find a job with benefits


  1. Go on a cruise or to a retreat
  2. Travel to 3 foreign countries (0/3)
  3. Visit Malia in Portland
  4. Visit the Japanese Tea Garden in SF
  5. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium


  1. Buy missing seasons of Gilmore Girls (0/5)
  2. Attend a Gatsby Afternoon dressed up
  3. Attend a Renaissance Faire (dressed up!)
  4. Attend Dickens' Faire in costume
  5. Blog every week for 6 months
  6. Get a WoW character to level 80 before next expansion Completed 10/09
  7. Go to an opera
  8. Make a Dickens' Faire dress
  9. Play one computer game start-to-finish without hints or cheats (WCIII?)
  10. Play one video game start-to-finish without hints or cheats
  11. Play paintball
  12. Podcast every 2 weeks for 6 months
  13. See 2 musicals
  14. See 2 plays
  15. Watch 100 movies from my Netflix queue
  16. Watch all of AFI's 100 Greatest Movies (37/100)
  17. Watch all of AFI's Greatest Musicals (17/25)
  18. Watch all of BFI’s Top 100 Movies (0/100)


  1. Make a box of 10 gifts for spontaneous gift-giving
  2. Attend a sheep shearing at Sue Reyser's (Feb. '10)
  3. Buy chart/kit for Chatelaine Heirloom Chart
  4. Complete 1 embroidery project
  5. Complete 1 Sharon Miller Shawl
  6. Complete 1 stranded sweater that fits
  7. Complete 10 lace projects
  8. Complete 10 miles-worth of spun yarn
  9. Complete 12 pairs of socks (1/12)
  10. Complete 12 MORE pairs of socks
  11. Complete 3 sweaters total
  12. Complete Murloc’s Spidey Blanket
  13. Complete the 12-Mile Quest
  14. Deliver knitted Christmas gifts for 2009 ON TIME
  15. Design and publish a Shetland shawl
  16. Finish lantern quilt
  17. Knit 2 pairs of stranded mittens
  18. Learn to use sewing machine
  19. Make 3 skirts
  20. Make a quilt (start to finish)
  21. Order Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl when available (2010)
  22. Spin a balanced yarn with long-draw
  23. Spin a balanced, core-spun yarn
  24. Spin enough lace-wt. yarn for a TBD big lace project (1800+ yds.)
  25. Work exclusively from stash for 1 year (may only purchase items needed to complete a project, may extend beyond end date for 101 in 1001)
  26. Work through 1 of EZ's books
(Plus 5 To Be Announced)


  1. Wow, I feel like a total underachiever! Good luck, and let me know if you need another KAL. Like a stranded sweater... I'm addicted to those things.

  2. You might want to add "start Sarah's birthday socks from 2008"


  3. PSHAW, why would I do that?!? LOL! What color did you want again?

  4. I think it's fantastic that you've re-done your list. TOo often people just let it go. Keep up the fantastic work!