26 August, 2009

Irregularly Scheduled Programming

Here is a brief update on my life in bullet-list format:

*I am moving on Friday morning, which is roughly 36 hours away.

*Moving sucks.

*I hate packing boxes, especially when all the fun stuff (like stash and books) is packed and all the lame stuff (like little things that don't really go together but fit nicely in this box) is left.
*I also hate seeing the box mountain grow because my room is teeny and my box mountain is getting bigger all the time.

*I am going to miss Panza a very great deal, but he will be happier with Roomie, and Darcy will be happier as an Only Cat.

*This is the order in which things will go into the truck:
Everything Else
Therefore, I will not be turning over my stash all willy-nilly to whomever asks for it. Or to anyone, for that matter. So there!

*"Box mountain" sounds vaguely dirty.

*Every time I feel like I'm making progress, it turns out that the progress is not, in fact, as much as I thought.

*If my mother, who is driving the U-Haul, does not make it to my brother's house, please hunt her down and retrieve the stash. I'll even offer a reward. She's a shifty one, my mom.

*I plan to resume blogging (and podcasting) once I'm settled into my new place, especially because I have lots of stuff to show you. Some of it is even finished.

*In my new place, everyone understands that value of a clean coffee mug. This is of pivotal importance because in my current place, I am apparently the only one who can scrub coffee rings off the inside of a cup.

*Clearly, there are benefits to moving.

*But, moving still sucks.


  1. I hope the move goes smoothly! I feel for you - moving does suck.


  2. Good luck. Stash is light, books are not :)

  3. Good luck Tika! Moving sucks, but you'll be happy in your new place. :)

  4. Well....we'll have to get together to knit in Roseville! I'm driving Emma there a few times this year so she can participate in Rodeos! Good luck with the packing and moving. I HATE it too!

  5. Best of luck on the move!

  6. We really need to find a time to catch up my dear.... if not on the phone than online, but it feels to me that there is ALOT of your life I have missed out on in the past few months....

  7. Thinking about you Sweetie - hope you're doing ok!