02 June, 2009

Someone Bring Me A Harp

I am not fiercely political. I wish I were, but my sense of hopelessness often overwhelms my sense of indignation or annoyance with the Body Politica, and I tend to give up before I even begin. 


Dr. Tiller's murder disgusts me. When I have conversations with devout Christians who are near and dear to my heart, they have said over and over that people who kill other people in the name of God are apostate and are not, in fact, pursuing God's will. That such people are anathema and are simply sick in the same way that terrorists who identify themselves with Allah are also sick - the problem is not the Bible or the Koran, but the self-justification of the people who commit such crimes. And I believe those Christians, just as I believe my Muslim friends who say the same thing.  It is not the will of the Almighty, no matter which moniker we give such a being, that humans should hate and kill one another. 

But when a man is murdered in church for doing his legal job, and moreover a man who has been consistently demonized by people who call themselves Christians for helping women (and sometimes children - think of that, you mothers of daughters), I begin to question why the Christian "middles" and "liberals" don't begin policing their own. 

When do you get to say, "he does not read the Bible, he cannot be doing God's will" and call it good enough? Why can you say, "I am not that kind of Christian," and suddenly not be a part of such a group? True, you do not frequent the dark corners of the internet mentioned by Rachel Maddow last night. And you truly do not believe in your heart of hearts that these black sheep crazies should be doing what they have done. In this, we are the same. 

But for the love of God, get His house in order; none of us who are outside the doors can do it. 

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  1. Love that last line. And I'm a huge fan of Rachel Maddow, even when the thoroughness of her research ends up making me sick to my stomach.