27 June, 2009

I'm Still. Big. Red.

La Girasole, she is finished!
I really enjoyed knitting this. Jared's instructions are clear and simple to follow, and there isn't so much repetition of each motif that I got bored - except on the edging, which is to be expected. One can't expect much variation on the edging.

I ran out of T-pins on the edging, so it'll be a little scalloped. That's fine with me, but if I'm going to make more circular stuff I think I'll need more pins. Usually I can use my lace blocking wires, but with circular shawls, it's all geometry all the way.


I should invent an umbrella-style blocking mechanism. Hmmmm..... that's a thought. But for now, here she is, and just in time to start baby knitting in earnest - the littlest Bean is coming this weekend!

I'm Still. Big. Red.
Pattern: Girasole by Jared Flood
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca, sport weight, 1250 yds