17 May, 2009

King of the Hill!

I finished washing, thwacking and drying the Crown Mountain Farms "Lord of the Mountains" BFL today:

It came out to 546 yards of 2-ply. I'm not entirely sure what happened to my ability to make 900 yards of 3-ply out of the same amount to yarn, but I suspect it has something to do with patience in spinning thin singles. I seem to have been spinning for speed lately, and it shows.

But then again, I'm happy with the yarn and happy that it's finished. Maybe it's just a phase I'm going through. On the plus side, it's squooshy and sproingy and stretchy - even ManCandy commented on how elastic it feels.

There's nothing quite like squishing a skein of your own handspun and having it respond by bouncing back into shape. There's a very "I DID THIS!" feeling about it, much like blocking lace.

"Lord of the Mountains," Crown Mountain Farms BFL
2-ply, 546 yds.

Ok, now back to the final hours of the proverbial grindstone...

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