20 October, 2008

Midterms Should Be Banned

So here's the short version: 

Reno turned out to be Dayton, and it was a great experience. Not much to talk about, but there were a few pictures. 

Color: A Fiber Festival happened on Saturday. Jasmin was morally superior, we met the cutest 3-year-old girl on the planet, and I chose to descend gracefully from the wagon.

Thankfully, there was a yarn swap at Purlescence on Sunday. I took 12.3 pounds of yarn and came away with significantly less. Way less. I swear. 

There are pictures of all of this. I'm just busy with papers and midterms and the occasional sitting very still and wishing very hard for the election to come out right. It's getting less occasional as the days roll by. I've been so busy wishin' and hopin' that I just barely turned the heel of Elphaba Sock #2 yesterday; it's been a slow month. 

P.S. - I rule at Mario Kart, especially with a bottle of wine under my belt at 4am. I tell you, I am formidable. And stuff.

1 comment:

  1. I agree - bad midterms, bad papers...

    (I also think really impressive knitting should be a legitimate substitute for a thesis...)