08 October, 2008

Back to the Knitting

I've been up to a couple of things lately. Since I went to the Cat Bordhi class with Jasmin, I've been cranking out socks like nobody's business. Something about Cat's method clicked in my brain, and I've been sort of off to the races. My second Christmas project is done!

Pink Lightning socks, Trekking XXL, 303 yds., for Lisa

That's two down and... several more to go. Come to think of it, I should probably begin Mom's socks soon; she wants Clessidra knee-highs. But in the mean time, I'm working on some Halloween socks for myself!
Elphaba Socks, Knit Picks Essential "Meadows."

These are Riverbed style socks. The increases are exactly the same as the Pink Lightning ones, but they're on the bottom of the foot. I'm working a k3p1 rib up the leg, and I'll see how far I get. Depending on how much leg length I can get out of one ball, I may need to order an extra; I should know by the end of knitting tonight.

And lastly, I cleaned off the chair in my bedroom, settled in, and cast on for a Salina sweater from Rowan Vintage Knits.

It's the sweater on the front of the book, and I am in lurve with it. Currently I'm only 9 rows in, but I'm in no hurry to get it done; there are Christmas presents looming on the horizon first, and a secret project for school. Darcy loves it when I hang out in the bedroom chair. He curls up on the bed and purrs as if all were right with his world. I may have to indulge in that little scenario more often - it's surprising how calming it really is to just sit and knit on my own.

This weekend, Nadia and I are heading to Reno, NV, to get out the vote. According to 538, Nevada is light blue. Should be a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I have been drooling over Salina since I saw it. I might have to get that book, just for that pattern.

    And congrats on getting your Christmas knitting done!

  2. hi miss jellybean!!say hi to reno for me when u go ;)