01 August, 2008

Well Vetted

Oh yes, I went there. The multiplicity of meanings in the title is mind-boggling. I can't settle on just one entendre, so you can just come up with your own.

Anyway, two more finished hats for veterans:
Wool-Ease worsted, 142 yds.
Wool-Ease Chunky, 87 yds.

And an official beginning on the Summer Shawlette from Interweave (Rav link):

Dye Trying "Hermia," sw merino fingering weight

I figured a Faroese-style shawl would be good for a mom. She won't have to fuss with it staying on her shoulders, and if she needs to whip it around for a quick baby-snack coverup, it should do nicely.

Otherwise, nothing very exciting is going on. I've ben catching up on Project Runway - bless Tivo and marathons - and knitting away. I think the Tour de Fleece sapped some of my spinning mojo, but it'll resurface soon. HeteroLifemate is coming down tomorrow to hang with ManCandy and me. Drinking and hilarity shall ensue.

And speaking of hilarity, my brother Kai is in a play! Read the description. I will not be missing this show for a variety of reasons.


  1. I just read the play description - OMG, that is hillarious! You'll have to tell all about it.

  2. Awesome hats!

    I just finished watching the masterpiece P&P, your bro's sounds pretty great. (He also shares a name with my son!) :)