05 August, 2008


Today is August 5th. That means that tomorrow is August 6th, marking the beginning of the last month of my 12-Mile Quest. As I'm still working through Mile 6, this could prove... difficult, especially since I have been diligent about finishing (or ripping) my works-in-progress, and so I have very few mostly-finished pieces that I could whip out for a chunk of mileage.

I'm contemplating the addition of 3 months to the Quest, making the goal a mile of completed knitting per month, but the whole operation will require some extra thought. In the mean time, I've been playing with my new camera:
An homage to Brooklyntweed

-a Canon Rebel XT that I bought from Crazy Sarah -

and avoiding blocking my Ribbi Cardi for completely lazy and idiotic reasons: that it won't be nearly as impressive a blocking process as lace, and that I don't want to do all the measuring necessary. See? Lazy and idiotic. At least I know myself!

I finished another veteran's hat for the Knitters for Obama group on Ravelry:

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, ~80 yds.

I think this is my last chunky-weight hat. I have little bird wrists that have given me trouble since several falls on dance team back in high school - falls that were both choreographed and *ahem* unchoreographed - and I've noticed that working with anything heavier than worsted weight seems to give me problems. (Aija, do you want the rest of my charcoal chunky weight? I can get it to you on the way to Monterey if you'd like it for KFBO knitting!)

ManCandy gave me his credit card for our anniversary, which coincided nicely with the Knitpicks book sale. I have a copy of every EZ book Knitpicks carries on the way to me, along with some various needle tips and 24" cables.

I also started a Theodora Sweater (Rav Link) using the rest of the Classy I bought for BabyBean knitting. It's a clever little pattern and I like that the body is done in mostly one piece; the only seams will be for the sleeves and attaching the shoulders to the back:
Sweater Body - I'm working up the back now.
Perhaps I'll do all the sweater blocking at once when the knitting for this one is finished.

So far, the Social Pressure Experiment is going well; maybe in part because I am Dead Broke until the new job starts (less than 2 weeks! Eee!), but also because this was the little push I needed to re-examine my stash. There is a distinct lack of sport and DK weight yarn in my stash, but I have enough lace, worsted and sock-weight to last me at least until Stitches West in February - if not long after.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch more West Wing and finish off what yardage I can.


  1. Ah HAH your shots are getting better!

    -Crazy Sarah

  2. Yeah, I'd *love* the chunky if you're willing to part with it! I was thinking I didn't have enough yarn for 16 days (and then realized I usually overestimate the speed at which I knit...) :)

    BTW, your knitpicks order came SO fast!!ansen