28 July, 2008

C'est Finis!

Have you ever had a day where you feel like no matter how fast you go, you're still slow? I had one of those on Thursday; I only finished 13g of singles in 3 hours - clearly it wasn't my best spinning day ever. Then on Friday I took the train up to the city, where ManCandy met me after work and we spent the night with Elizabeth and Jer, who are freshly returned from their honeymoon. (Long overdue wedding pictures here, by the way. It was lovely!) On Saturday we had breakfast - E is an excellent cook - and went to the Kabuki Theater in Japantown to see The Dark Knight. People, this theater is awesome. If you get the pre-assigned seats in the balcony, you have access to the bar just outside. The seats are cushy and have tables between every two; I was suitably impressed and had a lovely time, aided by the judicious application of San Francisco's own Anchor Steam. Plus, the movie kicked as much ass as I wanted it too - all in all a great afternoon.

We got home around 9, and I still had 37g of roving left for bobbin #3. Given Thursday's performance, I was less than optimistic about getting completed yarn by Sunday night, but when I sat down at the wheel, I had a good evening and finished up by about 12:30. In the morning I had this to look forward to:

And by early evening I had myself two bobbins full of yarn.
(picture from this morning)

I wound it off into 2 hanks, and ended up with this:
~694 yds., 8oz sw merino from Crown Mountain Farms,
"Under the Boardwalk"

Artsy closeup

There aren't as many yards as the Tobacco Road, but I did manage to weigh this one out better; here's what is left after the first bobbin ran out - not really even enough to chain-ply into anything at all!

And so ends both my weekend and the Tour de Fleece. I didn't do as much as other people, but I'm pretty chuffed that I shaved nearly 23 days off the time it took me to complete my first bump of Crown Mountain roving! The yardage will put me over my 5-mile mark for the 12-Mile Quest as well, hurrah!

Last but certainly not least, ManCandy and I had our first anniversary yesterday. We decided to stay home, but we did dress up and have steaks by candlelight and a little Ella Fitzgerald. All in all, a delightful evening.


  1. C'est tres jolie!

    Makes me want to spin!

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary! Nothing like a quiet (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) evening at home!