25 March, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

.. I became a joiner.

It's a reading challenge, you see. And there are several choices regarding participation, but the one I've chosen to challenge myself (As Raych points out, there is no good synonym for "challenge!") is

Read 5 books that fit into the Once Upon a Time criteria, which are: fantasy, folklore, fairy tales, or mythology.

 The quest ends June 20th.

In related news, I got a copy of The Looking Glass Wars from my dear friend Sioux yesterday in the celebration of our new holiday: I'm Thinking of You And Got You This Because of It Day, whcih is celebrated any old time we please. I can't think why Hallmark hasn't picked up on this extremely marketably named holiday, but they've sent me a letter asking me to stop trying to pitch it to their holiday department. Jerks.

I'm looking forward to curling up with my new book just as soon as I finish reading the pile of library and school novels by my bed. And speaking of which, it's Friday, so I'mma go make a dent in Mr. Horatio Hornblower, Midshipman now. I do love historical fiction.

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  1. Hoot! Think of all the fairy tales there are to read. *rubs hands, gleefully*