11 November, 2010

Endcaps are Dangerous

Last night THB, Friday and I went to Bel-Air to buy ramen for dinner. After all, it's soup season and we were lazy! So we toodled around the store for a bit, sniffing the cinnamon pine cones and thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas-y foods. I walked by at least three endcaps full of canned pumpkin and evaporated milk, and every time I veered closer... and closer...

Let me back up a bit. I am not a huge fan of pie in general, nor am I a fan of cake, AKA a vehicle for frosting. Cheesecake is one of two exceptions to both of these rules; I do love me some cheesecake. The other exception is pumpkin pie. Once the leaves on my favorite maple tree turn yellow, pumpkins roll into dark corners to hide from my voracious desire to stew them and bake them into custard. They are the four-and-twenty blackbirds to my pie-maker.

Now, back to Bel-Air, where Friday and I were walking by yet another endcap full of cans of pumpkin with pictures of pie on the labels. She mentioned that she loves pumpkin pie, too, and that was the end of it. One of the reasons I love this pie is that it's so easy to make. Dump in the sugar, eggs, and spices, then whisk in the evaporated milk and pumpkin, pour into two pie crusts (TWO! You can make TWO PIES at once!), and bake then cool. Then eat for breakfast with freshly whipped cream, courtesy of your handy hand blender. Bliss.

Wonder Woman likes pie, too!

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  1. I love all things Pumpkin especially pies, breads & scones. Care to share some of your pie lol.