07 September, 2010

A Challenge! Somewhat Like.. A QUEST! ('Cept Shorterish)

Remember Raych, whose blog and sister's art I lurve? She is Riting a Thesis that tickles my fancy bones. Then she solicited ideas for books and got soooo many, and then she posted her list, and then I said, "I wanna play!" and she said, "K! Homework really CAN be interesting!"*

And thus was the Everything Old is New Again Challenge born.

So grab your questing saddles and squinty reading glasses, kids. Buy a bushel of Fujis (yay, fall!), some crackers, and a whole mess of chillable red wine, park yourself on the patio, and get your read on!

*To which I replied, "maybe YOURS is, but what is MINE?" which is why I'll be procrastinating on mine, but not hers. It makes perfect sense, shut up.


  1. Are you really going to read Great Expectations again? Did Mr. Ringle teach you nothing? :)

  2. ZWHEEEEEEEE! At some point I may get bored and start trying to do YOUR homework.

  3. Oh, Brie, why do you taunt me with my freshman self? I'm sure Miss Havisham is cooler now that I'm a tall, vain old maid!