02 July, 2010

A Distinct Lack of Humor

 Note: Since there's no internet at the house, I've been writing blogs and will upload them as I get to  the coffee shop, backdated for the appropriate time. So no, your reader isn't messed up!

There’s not a huge amount to do here in Coal City. My grandmother isn’t really very self-sufficient, but she does sleep most of the time, so I’m on my own a lot. I’ve been running just shy of 2 miles in the mornings, getting my homework done quickly, and then have most of the day to do whatever. It’s nice, but I keep waiting for some observant family member to call me and tell me what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s a very strange feeling.

I’ve noticed that my sense of humor is absent, and I’d like it back, please. Usually I get my entertainment and amusement from various corners of the internet, but this sleepy little house is still living in about 1976. Grandma watches Wheel of Fortune, the Catholic Rosary channel, and Dr. Oz while I hide upstairs and watch The Tudors and Dr. Who on my shiny new laptop. Maybe I need a funny show instead of dramas...

On Monday I caved and ordered yarn from KnitPicks because despite the fact that I carefully printed patterns, chose appropriate yarns, and packed them all to come with me, I’ve found a project I’d much rather for which I didn’t have the necessary yarn, either here or in my stash back home. Isn’t that always the way? I ordered two shawls-worth of Shadow lace yarn, one in Forest Heather and one in Nocturne Heather. (Both of these pictures are from the KnitPicks site because I couldn't photograph them properly. Argh!) I also picked up one of their tote bags on sale for $7, and I’m quite pleased with it! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and will make a great beach bag for the summer.

 I’m not going to start my new shawl until I’m finished with my Seraphim - or I run out of yarn for the Seraphim, which is a distinct and annoying possibility. I’ve got slightly over 40 rows to go and the yarn is starting to look pretty skimpy. I haven’t decided what I’ll do should the worst happen, but it probably involves tears and wine.

I’ve also been reading a lot, and I’m pleased to say that since I’ve been here I’ve finished three print novels - Inkheart, Inkspell, and The Big Over Easy - and almost two audio ones - Gone with the Wind and Rebecca. It’s amazing how much novel reading I do when there aren’t blogs around!

Really, that’s about it. Grandma heads in for her second (of 8) chemotherapy treatments on Tuesday, so think good thoughts for us when you get the chance.