01 May, 2010

Julie & Julia: The Movie

I don't know if you recall, dear reader, but I read Julie & Julia: The Book Based On The Blog sometime around the beginning of last year. Since then, you may be surprised to learn, it has been made into a movie. And not just any movie, oh no. A movie starring the inimitable Meryl Streep, the adorable Stanely Tucci, the less-annoying-than-usual Amy Adams, and with a brilliant cameo by the astounding Jane Lynch.

Today is all about adjectives. Plentiful ones.

This evening I was scrolling through my Netflix Instant Watch list and trying to find something to watch that wasn't A) 8 hours long and B) terribly depressing. This one caught my eye, and I had just had an absolute cream of a cheese - the kind of cheese that Tillamook aspires to be when it grows up - so I made a little popcorn and settled in (with just a sliver more cheese).

It was adorable. Everything I hated about the book - mainly Julie's whining about how HARD cooking is and how FAT she was getting and oh my gosh how TIRED she was from cooking all the time - was cutcutcut. Instead, Julie's journey was paralleled by Julia's to get her own book published, based on Julia's autobiography which is currently on my shelf but not yet read.

There's not a lot to say about the story itself, probably because I read the book so I knew what to expect. I am glad that the end of Julie's book didn't get changed for the movie, and equally glad that the "there's a Julia Child in all of us" fluff was mitigated by the publication of Julia's own book. I also covet Meryl's shoes in the whole movie and possibly the return of the 50's-style crinoline and the tea-length dress.

I think it's time to start rating movies, and I need some sort of thing to rate with. A blog I enjoy muchly uses caterpillars, but I am not as hilarious or regular at posting reviews as she. Therefore I will now open my new-to-me copy of Museum ABC to "Y" and use... yellows. Which are obviously not nouns, but one does not question the Random Number Generator, even if one is a card-carrying member of the Secret Grammar Police.

See? I told you it was all about the adjectives.

6.5 Yellows


  1. librarypaste01 May, 2010 08:10

    My Life in France is absolutely fantastic. Seriously, read it as soon as you get a chance. I read (well, listened to) it a few summers ago and really should revisit it soon. I felt like I was right there in France with Julia and Paul and can't wait to go back! Maybe I'll run into you there?

  2. Rating things in yellows makes nine kinds of sense.

  3. @librarypaste - it's a date! I pulled my copy down and put it in the Pile To Read, but it's currently in line behind The Complete Sherlock Holmes, which is bigger than a Bible. Thank goodness the new movie gave me RDJ and Jude Law to picture in the main parts! Delish.

    @Raych - Thank you! It's like the proverbial Mean Reds, but more soothing and they go to eleven.

    Anyone who says Breakfast at Tiffany's isn't as good as a proverb any day doesn't belong around here!

  4. The book was such a pile of crap I couldn't even finish it. I was suspicious of the movie, but I must say I found it darling. Much like Devil Wears Prada, the movie was far, far better than the book. The fact that Meryl rocked both movies is, I am sure, no coincidence.