09 March, 2010

All Over the Place

Okay, so you have probably figured out by now that I have less self control than I ought to have when it comes to acquiring yarn. You've also probably noticed my propensity for buying all new yarn for a project instead of using what I have in my stash. Well, both of those things are true, I admit it. But it is also true that I am learning (sloooowly) to buy appropriate amounts of yarn for the intended project, to check Ravelry for a) project yardage requirements and b) my stash listing before diving into a knitting store, and that I'm trying hard to finish projects before I start new ones.

Next week is the end of my second round of grad classes. This session has been more back-loaded than the last, so I've been kept busy writing papers and doing projects. I'll be glad to see this session be finished; my classes weren't as entertaining or informative as the previous ones, and there was one in particular that just irritated the crap out of me on a regular basis. But overall I'm really enjoying the 9-week terms. It's just enough time for me to lose steam in terms of getting good grades and turning things in on time, so all my teachers think I'm a Good Student. Poor, deluded dears.

ANYway, I finally finished Torchwood: Children of Earth last night. I watched episodes 3-5 in rapid succession and spend the bulk of the time with my jaw on the floor. It was... incredible and heart-rending and really, really well-acted. John Barrowman is completely underrated, at least in the US. I understand that he's quite appreciated in the UK, which is, I suppose, acceptable as he is one of those rare successful British actors who doesn't seem at all interested in moving to LA.

I also finished my Risata socks!
Knit Picks Risata, "Fairy Tale"
330 yds.

I quite like the way these fit. I adjusted the peasant heel flap according to my last post and Suzanne's suggestions, and they fit much better across the instep. They're a tad big, but my mom says that her Risata socks have felted (and therefore shrunk) a bit in the wash, so I'm not too worried.

What I AM chuffed about is this:
(click to enlarge) (that's what she said...)

That heel flap and heel turned out PERFECTLY. There are a few loose stitches, but I'm pretty sure those will even themselves out with washing, and if they don't, it's nothing a darning needle and a scrap of extra yarn can't fix. I'm excited to mess a little with the colored heel/toe scheme as well, but that will have to wait a bit. I may be the teensiest burnt out on socks, which is HILARIOUS considering that I just purchased enough sock yarn at Stitches to reach from my house to the nearest yarn store.

What I have been craving - possibly because I got a chart keeper - is lace. Specifically, sampler lace to keep me interested and involved. What's that? I already have a "lace" project going? You're right, I do, and it's going just fine. But it's 90% knit stitch! That's not the lace I'm craving! I want complicated, fussy, multiple-stitch-marker and life-line-requiring, make-you-blind, tiny needle lace. Hazel Carter and Sharon Miller lace.

I hear it's excellent for knitting in class.


  1. How nice that the heel fits better now.

    It's funny, just before I read your post I have been looking at really complicated Sampler Shawl patterns as well.

    And I found "Children of the Earth" really, really good but so cruel that I haven't had the heart to re-watch it even though I watched the whole of Torchwood three times now (and in rapid succession). May be it's because of the children.

  2. Are you doing the Hazel Carter Sampler from AGoL? Please excuse my lack of coffee, I think you may have just said that, but my caffeine is currently brewing. I got a big chunk into that one and frogged it bc the yarn wasn't right. It's still in my queue, though, bc its so pretty.

    P.S. How's your Stonington? I just got through my second border and am picking up sts for the 3rd!

  3. I love John Barrowman so much - but Children of Earth was so upsetting for me. I mean, it was a great story and beautifully acted - but the whole grandson thing tore me up.
    Gorgeous socks! The heel looks perfect to me.