16 June, 2009

Things I've Been Hiding

I have a confession. I have been keeping some things to myself lately because I, well, I wanted to. But now everything is here and photographed and uploaded and I want to share!

First, while I was at my mom's a few weeks ago, I came across a cabinet sewing machine that I think is from the 1930's, complete with a box of feet and the original manual. ManCandy and I wrestled it into the car and took it to the local Vac & Sew place to see if they could get it in working order again.

Yesterday, I picked it up, all oiled and clean and purring like a kitten.

There are some parts that are a bit problematic. The connector from the motor to the flywheel is, well, old and I'm on the hunt for one that's not cracked with age, as F-W isn't in business anymore.
But I just love the hardcore industrial look of this hunk of steel. Back before plastic sewing machines came out, they were made to last a lifetime and beyond. No one really conceived of having more than one machine, and they certainly didn't imagine having to take the thing in every time one little thing went wrong. This baby was made to last, and it shows. Even the light still works.

The mechanic did make an adjustment for me. Originally, this model had a knee-press to run the machine, but when the electric block was replaced (1930's wiring is not super-safe, who knew?), he changed it to a foot pedal instead. The only thing that's missing on this machine is a zig-zag stitch, but since I don't anticipate sewing a lot of jersey fabric I think I'll be okay.

I anticipate many happy hours of sewing straight lines on this new addition to the family. I spent some time at JoAnn's on Sunday and picked up a 60mm rotary cutter and some 8" Gingher dress shears, along with pins, thread, and woven fusible interfacing. I also dug out the box full of fat quarters I've been collecting for who knows how long, and hopefully soon I'll have a bit of a quilt to show for it.

The quilt may have to wait awhile, though; yesterday Jasmin and I picked up my graduation present at Carolina Homespun:

a 40th anniversary edition cherry wood Schact Matchless. It is... well, words fail me so here are some more photos:

But here's the best part:

Now no one can ever say they didn't know it was mine.

And lastly, Mr. Darcy helped me wrap up the Super Secret Project in monkey paper last Tuesday and I sent it off into the ether. I hope it arrives at its destination soon; I'm sort of dying to show you all the pictures!


  1. Oh, that makes me want to dig out my sleek little Husky from the basement and finish up some projects. I was a quilted before I was a knitter and I still need to get through some of that fabric.

    And the wheel? Gooooorgeous :)

  2. The wheel is beautiful! I love my plain Matchless and you should really enjoy that one.

  3. I am in lust with your sewing machine! It looks so much like my grandmother's Singer (knee-powered, she got it in the 40's and was still sewing clothes with it in the 90's).

  4. You already know how I feel about your Matchless :) but your sewing machine is awesome!! Looks amazing.

    Can't wait to see the secret out :)

  5. Color me green with envy! Both machines are wonderful. Enjoy

  6. Sewing machine is SO COOL!!! Not that I'd be able to make much use of it! =)

    That wheel is bee-yoo-tee-ful!

  7. I recognize the paper! Ohhh honey I love it so so so much! How did you know I had a little super-hero inside?