09 May, 2009

Things With Which I Am Nearly Done

- The Super-Secret Project has 45 rows until the i-cord border.

- A photoshopping project for an art gallery in Oakland has a mere 15 images left.

- Still Big Red has 16 rows until the knitted-on border.

- There is only $500 left on a loan I took out ages ago, and it will be paid off by the end of next week.

- The Ivory Coast singles are spun and waiting to be plied.

- The French press is nearly empty.

- In exactly 9 days and after 12 years, 6 majors, 1 false alarm, $120,000 and about 500 visits to the counselor's office to double-check my credits, I will be done with my Bachelor's degree.


  1. Not long to go with the degree! Well done for all the hard work you've put in.

  2. GIANT congrats on your degree and yay for paying off a loan! The other stuff is great too. :)

  3. Keep going! In 9 days, you'll be able to say that you've accomplished a great deal, and soon you'll have more $$ to start new projects with!