18 February, 2009

The Rose Period

I don't think of myself as a pink person. For the last several months, that honor has gone straight to Jasmin, and I haven't been jealous or really even noticed.

Today I rounded up all of my recently finished works and discovered that I must be going through what can only be called a Pink Phase. It began innocently enough with the gauge hat I made to try out a stranded yoke pattern for the EZ sweater:

Gauge Hat, 104 yards, Cascade 220

Not even pink, really. Gryffindor scarlet and gold, more like. The night I knew I would finish the hat, I grabbed a pre-wound ball of yarn off the top of the sock yarn stash - TOFUtsies cast-off from Jasmin - and appropriate needles:

Vanilla Toe-Up sock, 274 yards

Harmless enough, but my descent into my Rose Period was already established at this point. Back in July after the Tour de Fleece I started spinning a lovely bump of Crown Mountain Farms SW merino in "Wish You Were Here." I think I mentioned that I joined the 10 minutes/day spinning group in Ravelry, and today the fruit of my labors paid off with 2 skeins of lovely 3-ply yarn in - you guessed it - pink:

420 yards, roughly DK weight

Then on Sunday Jasmin invited me over to hang out and record a podcast with her and her lovely mom, and we discussed on the air how we needed to cast on some of the Pigeonroof Studios yarn we have. The color in my stash should by now have no mystery for you at all:

Mysterious Mirror socks, PRS sw merino one-of yarn

And there you have it. For someone who rarely wears pink, it's certainly been cropping up a lot. Perhaps it has something to do with the gorgeous flowers in my kitchen?


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  2. I too, am going through my own Pink period. I have pinkeye. Ew.

  3. Funny...as I'm reading this I notice that I'm wearing my Tofutsies socks in the same coloraway!!! AND...first glance at that Picasso...just do a quick glance. If you aren't used to seeing the whole face, imagine it as a profile with something interesting growing up and out of her chin. Am I perverted??? Can you see it?