12 February, 2009

Off the Needles...

Five of Seven Seeded Rib Scarves, plus a vamping kitty.

...and into the dye pot!

This one weighed in at 313 yards, which is enough to push me over into Mile 2. Hurrah! Now it's draining in the sink and awaiting a good wuzzing before I set it out to dry and then... SHIP. Only two months late, but it's colder in Illinois so hopefully the scarves will get a bit of wear before winter is over.

I started some more plain socks out of a ball of TOFUtsies passed on to me by Jasmin. She found the yarn splitty and didn't like it, but it seems to be behaving nicely for me. It is a touch on the thin side - a good thing for summer socks - so I bumped the stitch count up to 64 stitches instead of 56 or 60. Maybe it's just my impatience to be working on something else - Faby clothes, for instance? - but these seem to be taking for-ev-er. Oh well. Once they're done I'll be perfectly thrilled to have a pair of handmade socks I can wear in the summer time.

Speaking of socks, here's the sock yarn I made at Yarnia!
Wool/Nylon blend, 5-ply, ~400 yards

I'm tickled by all of the blends I made, so here are the other two plus the straight silk:

50/25/25 silk/merino/tencel, 2-ply, ~2500 yards (IIRC)

84/16 hemp/cotton blend, 6-ply sport weight, ~1030 yards

100% silk, ~1800 yards by weight

I obviously haven't started working with any of them yet, but the sock yarn is heading for the rotation post-haste.

I've also been spinning, but again pictures of bobbins are boring. I've started bobbin #3 of the Wish You Were Here; it's amazing how much more quickly projects go when you ::ahem:: work on them. Spinning for ten minutes per day seems to be working well, although that time does stretch a bit once I get into my groove. If I shoot for 10/day and end up with 30, it's overachievement, but if I switch it and shoot for 30 and only get 10, well, that's just lame. So ten per day it is.

Time for wuzzing! And spinning!