27 February, 2009

Don't Call It a Preview

Yesterday, my plan for the beginning of Stitches weekend looked like this:

5:30 - get off work and head to Stitches Preview
6-8 - calmly stroll the market, making notes of things I would buy on Saturday. Also take some photos using my Press pass. Make friends with famous knitting people like Lily Chin and Lucy Neatby. Be handed a fabulous job as the new editor of a popular knitting publication such as Knitscene or Vogue Knitting because clearly I deserve it.
8-10+ - dinner with the girls. Possibly margaritas involved because of the lack of work on Friday AM.
10-ish - Get home, dye hair, shower, bed.


9:30-ish - Get up, caffeinate, read internet
10:30 - head to Stitches, where I would calmly walk the floor again, prudently pruning my list and possibly adding things
1:30-6 - work at R-N's
7+ - have dinner with Mom and friends, possibly margaritas involved

Then I got the call. The Younger R-N has a fever and wasn't at school on Thursday, nor is he likely to be at school on Friday. Did I have plans for Friday morning? Could I possibly take care of a sick child all day? Of course I can; these people are wonderful and nice to me, and I already bailed on them for Saturday night in favor of the party at Bobbin's Nest Studio - where there will be champagne and possibly margaritas involved. So I bailed on my plan for Friday morning (sorry Aija! Have fun!) and also the margaritas from Thursday night. Don't worry, I'll make up for it on Saturday.

Despite my tendency toward impetuousness, I don't deal well with change I haven't initiated myself. This is a somewhat hypocritical attitude, I know; however, all the things I do impetuously are amazing and the things everyone else does are obviously less so. Such as needing me to nanny a feverish 8-year-old instead of schmoozing with knitting celebrities.

Anyway, let's talk about Stitches. I arrived on Thursday and got my press pass from Jasmin - the one that lets me in the door of the market on preview night. Wait - stop. Consider the word "preview" for a moment. For example, Cookie A's book was available to PREVIEW at one of the booths, but not to buy. However, everything else was for sale... which did a bit of damage to my "calmly walk the floor and write down items for Saturday" plan, especially in light of the "not going to the market on Friday morning" change. So I gave up on that and bought the things I didn't think would last through until Saturday, while also trying to stick to my mental shopping list.

See Flickr page for notes

Looking at the photo, I can see that I have once again shot the rainbow in color choices. Go me!

There are a couple of things I didn't get to last night, namely: A sweater's worth from Tess Yarns, more Pagewood Farm Denali, and a ball of TOFUtsies that coordinates with the Berries and Cream socks. There may also be some Malabrigo sock yarn in my future, but it'll depend on the color selection.

Chloe got some Lisa Souza batts!

I've altered my plan a little - okay a lot - for today. Instead of spending money this morning, I'm sitting at my computer tapping out a lovely, witty little blog post for you all (see how much I love you?). I also threw more projects than I can possibly finish/start/work on into my bag today. A second Coraline glove, Scarf #21 (re-started and up to row 12 this time!), Girasole, and a mending project for which I forgot the appropriate needles.

Yesterday I finished two things!

Dishcloth #1 (of a projected 10), 85 yards

Mismatched Elder R-N socks, 302 yds.

That's right, those socks are finally done! I decided a few weeks ago that the first sock I finished on the Mexico '08 trip was too big and also ugly, so I pulled out the bind-off and just re-knitted the thing directly from the original sock. It earned me a few stares and a couple of comments about Sisyphus, but it was quicker and easier than re-skeining, washing and winding back up. And now they're ready to block! Hurrah!

All right, I'm out of tea and itching to start all this knitting that I've promised myself. After all, there's a whole market full of gorgeous yarn that I haven't even imagined, just waiting for me!


  1. *faint*

    I don't think I could do it. There is entirely too much yarn and that is just in your photos!

  2. Wow! You weren't kidding. That low light lens is amazing!

  3. I saw your blog update in my rss reader and was like, please have pics, please have pics! :)

    I'm getting more excited-- and I'll be there on Saturday so maybe I'll run into you! I have something for you y Jasmin but don't think I'll be around for the knitmoregirls meetup @ 2.

  4. Dude. Beautiful.

    Right, and I read the words, too. Sorry you missed out on Friday morning :(

    Love the socks, they're beautiful!

  5. Gee Miss Tika...you seem to be particularly captivated by the Socks that Rock....Can't say as I blame you! I sure wish I could have made Stitches this year but it just didn't work with our schedule. Had so much fun with you last year! Fondle some yarn for me!

  6. It was fun hanging out with you. Does this mean we're bestest-freakin'-friends-4-eva?

    Hee. :)