12 January, 2009

Mah Bad

So remember how I got all choked up about my Pistachio Mitts because I looked at them hanging out of my purse and thought "it's not a good idea to leave them there..." but did anyway and then they got lost, proving (AGAIN) that I should always listen to that voice in my head?

Well, apparently I did, in fact, listen to that voice, because I found my mitts stuffed in the back pocket of some laundry-bound jeans last night.


Jacoby Mitts, Claudia Handpainted Yarns, "Pistachio," 160 yds.

I've already showed them to ManCandy with an appropriately shamefaced.. face. But it was a shame-face that had mitts, so it wasn't perhaps as sad as it could have been. Yearly yardage tallies have been adjusted accordingly.

Also, here is the Maybe It'll Fit Someone Hat, post-soak:

Cascade 220, red and Magik Purple-Blue
115 yds.

I handed it off to the Elder R-N today, and she was quite pleased. Or at least as pleased as a 10-year-old girl can be about anything. I wouldn't go back to being a pre-teen for an.y.thing.

I hit up Purlescence this weekend and cleaned out their remaining stash of Crystal Palace Creme, which netted me 2 extra balls of the brick red I had already, plus a couple of workable colors for yoke stranding. I cast on another Gauge Hat that is up to the decreases, and I'll begin the sweater tonight - preferably while watching Heroes, but maybe Dexter, or maybe Smallville. I also have to 'fess up to buying 4 bags of the pearl-colored Creme from Little Knits today. Seriously, WHY does all the yarn I lurve get discontinued? Just an FYI, if there's more of that Creme left by the time my next check hits my bank account, I'm picking up more, SPE be damned. It'll dye beautifully and I have every intention of knitting it into a myriad of sweaters and other such things. All for me. So hah!

And here is the Scarf #21 with crazy lace border things from Victorian Lace Today. I'm up to row 8, Brie, so I hope you're keeping up with my wicked speed!
Schaefer Anne, "Autumn"


  1. Aha! I just finished the 3 repeats of the bottom border and it's time to pick up stitches for the middle bit.

    I'm also toying with the idea of making another one of EZ's fair isle yoke cardis. They're soooo pretty.

    Oh, and Sailing to Sarantium is fabulous. I love Crispin...

  2. :D I did that, but with my Shuffle (found it in my coat pocket...) Glad the mitts are not lost!