09 January, 2009

The Knitting Workshop

Last night, I finished the Seeded Rib Scarf #6, hurrah! It weighed in at 168g, which is roughly 331 yards. Because I have become one of those people who anticipates finishing things (when did THAT happen?!?), I also threw some Cascade 220, some size 6 needles and EZ's Knitting Workshop in my bag. I cast on and made it through the ribbing and increases before I got sent home from work early to recuperate.

The Maybe It'll Fit Someone Hat
EZ's Knitting Workshop Pattern #1
Stash-busting Cascade 220

The knitting made it into the house, but the book did not - it's in the passenger seat of my car. I took the opportunity to start a pair of Cookie A's Mingus Socks while finishing Season 1 of The Tudors and a disc of Smallville. I'm quite proud of myself in terms of my choice of yarn - some Koigu PPPM I bought ages ago and was saving for when the Pope came to visit, apparently.

Cookie A "Mingus" sock
KPPPM "If The Pope Wore Green"

The pride part comes in because I tend to knit with the newest thing in my stash and save the older yarn for something "special," when really I should just dive in and use everything. I've never knitted with the Koigu before, but I'm liking it so far. I particularly enjoy the stitch definition; I'm hoping it washes well, since the Mingus is a pretty intricate lace pattern and I'd hate to have it get all felty and muddled like my Hedera Socks did. (That could be because I washed the Hedera's on HOT and then dried them in the dryer. I am sometimes a bit of an idiot.)

The pattern is lovely, but it requires attention, so I think I'll be leaving these socks at home for TV knitting. More time to work through Knitting Workshop!


  1. Casting on something as soon as you buy it is an excellent idea. That way it is ready to be worked on.

  2. Love knitting Koigu - but it will felt in the dryer if your man forgets and drys your socks. Not bad felting - I can still wear the socks, but they are a little crunchier and lost the stitch definition and stretch.