01 October, 2008


Despite the sheer, numbing terror I feel when I think of Sarah Palin as Veep, it doesn't even come close to how angry it makes me that she is currently speaking for all Alaskans. 



  1. Every time I see that woman I *swear* I think it is Tina Fey.
    But then it hits me, this woman really is like this in real life.


  2. "Alaska is like a microcosm of America..." Like a? Not part of America? The woman scares me knitless! It's not bad enough that Shrub has destroyed our reputation throughout the world we have to publically present THIS as a potential US President??? God save us. (I'm researching Canada's immigration policies and school system!)

  3. And I love how people assume just because she's from the same state and has the same biological parts as me, I must agree with her. People like her are the reason it's not a state worth returning to.

    Am still looking for jobs in BC, just in case...

  4. Heh, I think she's under the assumption that she's speaking for all Alaskans.