27 May, 2008


Holy crap they're over and I've just now gathered up my strength to collect all the things that have happened recently into a cohesive post. Sigh. I'm thinking short on words and long on pictures will be the best route, so here we go. 

1) I sent my HPSS3 package! And only 5 weeks late. Go me. 

Cressida, I hope you like it! :D 

2) I opened my HPSS3 package. The blasted thing has a been taunting me for a month (see #1), and it's fabulous. I adore everything in the box. Thank you, Auntie Enid! 

3) I also got a package from Lady O, who is awesome.  I sent her some grey 4-ply soft that I bought to make Slytherin socks and never used, and in return she sent me this: 

Handpainted sock yarn, 100g

Handpainted tussah silk, 25g

Someone got the better end of this deal, and I'm not ashamed to say it was ME! Thanks, darlin'!

4) I finished the merino/soysilk from A Girl on the Rocks:

450 yds. 2-ply, fingering weight

Oh yes, it's shiny. It's been living next to my computer so I can love on it all  the time. It's put me over into Mile 4 of the 12-Mile Quest, so I'm nearly 1/2 way there! And the entire summer is stretching in front of me, so I have high hopes. Spinning-wise, I've moved on to the Easter Egg colorway in the same fiber (no pictures yet) for Jasmin 2008. Since she gave me the 2 bumps (the fiber wasn't really her thing, but I like it so I win), she's requested the one I'm currently working on for herself. She may have to wrestle me for it - if so, I'll sell tickets. There might be Jell-o. 

However, it's been hard for me to keep working on said Easter Egg roving because this has showed up: 

That would be TWENTY-SIX 8.5 oz. bumps of roving from Crown Mountain Farms, plus 2 pounds of undyed SW merino roving (in the paper packages). Between that and the Black Bunny Fiber Club 2, I'd say I spent my stimulus check appropriately, wouldn't you? And since it's not money that I was expecting, it doesn't count towards "spending," either. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. 

In celebration of the fact that I might have just achieved SABLE, I've decided not to buy anything until at least the Wool Auction on August 17. I figure I have plenty of yarn/roving to keep me busy until then, so I'm stealing a page from Crazy Aunt Purl's book and will write down everything I desperately want between now and then, and revisit the list come August. I already have a salad spinner, but we'll see what I come up with. And pay off.


  1. Oh, so many pretty puffballs! Your wheel isn't going to know what hit it this summer!

  2. *uggggg* Your fiber acquistions are staggering!!! That is so much fibery yum! (I can see why the Black Lamb might have to wait).

    I'm glad you like it! (and it got there) :D