24 April, 2008

Blog Fodder

It's the end of the semester, therefore I've been busy. Busy procrastinating, writing papers, procrastinating some more... thankfully among Netflix, knitting and spinning I have a multitude of ways to procrastinate. I may have elevated it to an art, actually - hence this post.

I've been plodding away at my 12-Mile Quest. I haven't finished anything since the Reversai Socks, but aside from some Stutter Socks most of my knitting is long-term. I did, however, manage to finish spinning and plying the Millefiore and Quietude rovings from PRS. Then I tried to ply them together, as previously planned. However, despite my planning and good intentions, the results looked like ass, so I gave up and navajo-plied each bobbin on itself to great results:

Millefiore, 205yds, 3.7oz

Quietude, 171 yds, 3.9 oz

They're pretty enough that I've been hauling them around everywhere with me to show off to my friends. I've also picked up some stuff from Crazy Monkey:

And my friend Cynthia parted with this lovely gem because she lurves me:

Crown Mountain Farms SW Merino, 8oz

On second thought, she may not love me. Maybe she hates me and wants me to attempt to insulate my house with CMF roving while simultaneously going broke; it's smooshy and gorgeous and as you spinners probably already know, spins like a dream. I started a list of colorways in case there is a co-op order in the near future, and my list is already 18 bumps long. So much for Rule #1 of the 12-Mile Quest! But at least the others are trucking along nicely.

In other news, I finally started the Juno Regina shawl for my friend's wedding:

The Posset yarn is lovely and feels like a cloud; I love it. I actually have a confession to make: I'm secretly glad that I chose a smaller shawl so I can use the leftovers for myself. I know, awful right?!? But there you have it - I'm selfish that way. I also calculate the underarm stitches for my Tangled Yoke Cardi, so that may be coming out of the Time-Out Corner shortly. There are a million sweaters I'd like to try, but I feel like I should finish at least one before I start a sweater-making career.

ManCandy's friend from Michigan, Hetero-Lifemate, moved in yesterday. Already he's gotten more calls from ManCandy than I have, but I don't think I'll disappear him just yet. He's funny and has a nice cat who is currently hiding under the TV.


  1. Lurv the Quietude! Hope you'll haul it around if I see you in a week!

  2. What yummy looking fibers....happy sigh.