07 March, 2008

A Weekly Endeavor

Apparently my blog is going to become mostly a weekly thing. Fridays have become My Day since ManCandy is at work and I'm out of classes. Sometimes I clean, sometimes I play video games, and sometimes I just read the internet all day. I rarely leave the house if I can avoid it, and now that it's spring I open all the windows and let the place air out all afternoon. It's wonderful.

My knitting monogamy makes for boring knit-blogging. I've finished the body of my Tangled Yoke Cardigan and am doing mathematical gymnastics on the first sleeve. You see, I have stick-arms. More specifically, I have tiny little wrists and I like Nice Sweaters (as opposed to hoodies, etc) to fit prettily around my narrow bits as there seem to be fewer of them as I get older, new working-out regime notwithstanding. The sleeves for my body size are definitely too big around. The small size, ditto. So I did some fancy calculations and came up with a decrease rate that pleases me, and wrote it down. Don't look so shocked.

But then came the girls in the leotards with their weird "I win!" hands-in-the-air poses and ribbon dances and the gymnastics began for real. (Did I carry that analogy too far?) Personally, I find sleeves that hit me right at the wrist to be unsightly; I am "long-limbed" and things that hit me just at my wrists (or ankles) look too short. So I chose a good length shirt and measured the arm at the wrist-to-armpit seam. Twenty-two inches - and thus, the problem. The small measurement on the pattern is 17 inches. Let the games begin! I think I may throw my back out.

Project Monogamy is not, it seems my deal. I've been reading A Gathering of Lace almost nightly trying to find a lace pattern for the Sea Silk from Stitches. I planned to use it for a Print o' the Wave stole, but that calls for 800 yards and I want to use all 1300, so it's back to the planning stages. Maybe something with beads! Maybe I'll find one more skein of the red and make the Moroccan Days shawl... Ahem. Clearly this yarn and I haven't spent enough time together. It's afraid to tell me what it wants to be.

In the meantime, I know it's spring in San Jose because a tree outside my window burst into bloom this morning. Yesterday it was bare, today it looks like this:

Happy Spring, everyone!


  1. Isn't that Morroccan shawl gorgeous! I've been thinking about it myself but primarily because they've displayed it in my favorite colors (earthy). Maybe you should try putting the yarn under your pillow so it can whisper to you in your dreams and tell you what it wants to be! ;-)

  2. If the color you got is "burgundy", I have 3 skeins. We can talk.

    PS, damn your stick arms! I have arms like a fish-wife.

  3. Pretty tree. I can't wait to see the Tangled Yoke cardigan and hope you and your sleeve calculations have found each other :)

  4. Hi, Hogwarts swap person here - I'm sorry about those 'other women' from your last post :(
    they are probably quite envious of you because you don't (seem to) let every.little.thing. get to you like they do.
    Been having fun with your socks - by the time they arrive in SJ it may be too warm to wear them - we're a long way from Cherry Blossom weather here...