18 March, 2008

Playing Hooky

Occasionally - okay, about once every 2 weeks - I blow off school and stay home. Usually I'm pretty productive around the apartment, doing laundry and such. Every once in awhile I even get a paper or two written. Sometimes I clean up projects or even just clean up (don't laugh!). Today I woke up in time for school but simply couldn't drag myself there. I don't know why exactly, but it probably has something to do with Spring Break beginning on Friday. I'm going to try to write a paper for my Northern Renaissance class this afternoon, and perhaps even begin my Archaeology synthesis paper, but I haven't totally decided yet. Anyway, enough about my academic trials and tribulations.

I've been avoiding something for a few days. This weekend, I finished spinning and plying my BFL Rhubarb singles. Since I crammed all 4 ounces onto one bobbin, I decided that another yarn cake would work just fine. Hah. I made the critical error of leaving the yarn cake out over night, and when I got up in the morning, the cats had performed a miracle: what was once one yarn cake was now two! After I finished kicking myself for stupidity, I plied up the least tangled portions and will probably felt the rest into what will become the softest cat toys on the face of the planet. Maybe I'll felt them with some catnip inside, but I'm not sure the little monsters deserve it. Anyway.
Since I finished plying, I've simply left the yarn on the bobbin, as if the task of winding it off were a monstrous time sink. But today, in the Spirit of Hooky, I finally turned it into a skein - in all of about 15 minutes, including pictures. I think maybe I was worried that it would be a tiny little worthless hank, but I ended up with a respectable skein:

Rhubarb 2-ply, 202 yds.

That means, for those keeping track (just me), that this would probably have been my thinnest yarn to date. Go me. It's not the tidiest yarn ever, but it's really soft and actually has some smoosh factor to it.

These colors are pretty accurate.

ManCandy and I are going up to visit the Mother Ship this weekend, and since Bella and I are on the same spring break I'll be staying at the farm until Wednesday. I'm taking my as-yet unnamed wheel, my laptop, and my knitting, but not my credit card. See how smart I am?!?


  1. Are you still trying Sock Madness? I'm here to cheer you on! There's still plenty of room in Tennessee. Hope all is going well with you, regardless!

  2. Just don't leave your credit card at Purlescence! ;)

    Sorry I'll miss you this weekend. I have ALL day Sunday 'cuz we're not heading home until Monday. Next time!

  3. Hiding the card is a good idea...

    That is a very cheerful spring skein (so different from the weather I'm looking out on now...)

  4. ohhh, I love Rhubarb (both your yarn and the yummy goodness that is rhubarb when cooked in pie form!)

    And I 2nd the cheer for you to keep up with Sock Madness. Looks like there's still plenty of room with us TN folks as of tonight's tally. You can do it! (The question is do you want to do it or do you want to spin? Both are worthy projects.)

  5. So, how are your Zombies coming? There’s still 17 spots left on our team! You can make it!