23 February, 2008

C'est Finis!

Gentle readers, I give you (drumroll please...)

Faina! Knitpicks Bare in Kool-aid Grape, 462 yds.

Pretty cool, eh? I finished it on Wednesday but was struck by a sense of intense knitting ennui - is such a thing even possible?? - and haven't been interested in much of anything knitting-wise for a bit. It could be because I signed up for Sock Madness, thus necessitating a break from socks until the beginning of the... err... madness. It could be that I'm in a special Garter Rib Hell of Eunny Jang's creation. I decided to bust into my stash and begin a sweater since I seem to be procuring sweater-quantities of yarn at an alarming rate and have yet to make an adult-sized one. It's out of this scrumptious stuff, and I hearts both the yarn and the first name of the designer.

Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, DK weight

Now, don't get me wrong - the Tangled Yoke Cardi is super-cute and I'm excited about the yarn, the pattern, and hopefully the fit. But for whatever reason, I can't wrap my apparently tiny little mind around a garter rib. I keep having to rip back and re-position stitches. It's maddening and I long for a little stockinette. I imagine I'll regret saying that later. The yarn, though... I am in lurv. It's a 50/50 silk/wool blend - surprise! I bet you though it was alpaca/cashmere! Ahem, sorry, little textile joke there - and it's lovely. It feels like old satin and is knitting up into a lovely fabric that should be perfect for summer evenings. Or mornings. Or anytime, really, since I seem to be an Ice Princess of the highest order and hardly ever get warm.

Oh, and that sweater-quantities of yarn I mentioned? Well, back awhile ago when the Yarn Harlot was making her Sunrise Circle Jacket, I picked up 3000 yards of this stuff from Webs:

2/4 Highland Tweed, Aran weight

And then I may have lost my head a teensy bit and picked up three sweaters-worth of this:

Valley Yarns Williamstown, Worsted (chocolate not pictured)

Ahem. So much for the 2:1 ratio of buying to knitting. However, I have been steadily plugging away at my projects and getting things done, so that has to count for something, right? Right. I'm glad you agree. And speaking of which, I passed the mile 1 mark on my 12-Mile Quest! Hurrah! I think I'll celebrate by going to Stitches West tomorrow. Again.

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  1. Oh! I can't wait to see your Tangled Cardi. That's somewhere on my queue...

    We could totally go to SOAR. It's only just over an hour from my house :)